Ansuz Cable range

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”– we probably all know this idiom, but allow us to rephrase it:
“your amplifier, turntable, CD or speakers are no better than the cables that connect them”.
In other words, there is no need to invest in new electronics, until you optimize your system with at setup of quality cables.
Some of what makes the Ansuz Acoustics cables so special, are the cables’ very low inductance and capacity values, which are key features,
because this means that the signal comes through without any frequency or time distortion.
These low values have been achieved through some unique Ansuz Acoustic technologies.

New ultra high-end d·tc cables from Ansuz Acoustics

The performance of the Ansuz d·tc cables is impressive. The Ansuz d·tc cables have the stunning ability to let you experience previously unheard natural micro details in your recordings that you never even knew existed.
The Ansuz d·tc cables have a stunning visual design with selective laser sintered d·tc housings.

The Ansuz P-level

With the implementation of the Ansuz core technologies DGC and DIHC, the cables of the P-series offer a performance at the highest audiophile level.

The Ansuz A-level

The A-series is a full range of high-end cables. All Ansuz A-level products come with anodized aluminum details, which are resonance adjusting. And, of course, all A-level products are based on Ansuz' unique DGC and DIHC technologies.

The Ansuz C-level

The C-series is a full range of high-end cables. The complete C-series is easily recognizable, because of the hard anodized aluminum units, which you will find are engraved with serial numbers on all the cables. With the C-series, we have introduced the powerful NSC technology in addition to the DGC and DIHC technologies – a combination that is hard to beat performance wise!

The Ansuz D-level

With the D-series, we have combined all of our technologies - DGC, DIHC and NSC - with our best materials and the best mechanical qualities available. Nothing has been spared in order to offer you a higher reference level than what has been possible to experience up until now. The precision-turned aluminum items have received a special surface treatment with a unique compound, all in order to ensure the unique tonal characteristics of the D-series cables.

Ansuz X-level

Finally, we can satisfy a large group of music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts who have felt that an Ansuz set-up was a greater investment, than they were willing to take. Even with the strong price/performance ratio of the new X-series, the compromises are nearly non-existent. All the cables in the range are assembled by skilled professionals in Denmark. Sonically, the X-series is a breath of fresh air.

6 Quality Levels Built Around a Common DNA

Ansuz cables have been designed to perform at a high level while, at the same time, look astonishing in any audio system. Each quality level has its individual design characteristics, and also with each quality level you receive more Ansuz technology.


At Ansuz Acoustics, we believe that in the creation of the ideal interface for music it is not just important to use high-tech materials, It is much more important to have an understanding of how components interact, and also the interactions between signals, currents and vibrations.

DGC® technology

Direct Ground Connector Technology
Powerful center conductor that provides the best possible ground connection for your components.


DIHC® technology

Double Inverted Helix Coil technology
Cable winding technology with windings in reversed directions. This technology minimizes inductance drastically.


NSC® technology

Noise Suppressing Coil technology
Coil technology that very efficiently suppresses electrical noise.


One of the most important factors that is essential for a great result is to ensure that the whole system is properly grounded. Ansuz cables include technologies that ensure the best possible grounding.


Sound optimization

Ansuz Acoustics has developed a complete range of products that can create the ideal environment, beneficial for the performance of your high-end components.

Electrical grounding

Electrical grounding

Mechanical grounding

Mechanical grounding

Darkz Resonance Control

Darkz Resonance Control

Sparkz Harmonizer

Sparkz Harmonizer