One of the key points that have been of main concern since the introduction of the first Ansuz Acoustics product have been to bring down the noise floor in any Audio/Video system – without harming the musicality, energy and dynamics. Something that cannot be done with traditional power conditioner designs.

In the Ansuz products you can find several different types of coils, depending on the type of noise that we want to suppress and how efficient we can make them when taking into account the physics and cost.


The Ansuz Power Switch Box is state of the art, fitted with the best Ansuz technologies. Ansuz Power Switch comes in 4 quality levels:

Ansuz Power Switch X·TC
Ansuz Power Switch A2
Ansuz Power Switch D2
Ansuz Power Switch D·TC SUPREME


Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics is a Danish company that develops, designs, produces, and sells cables, and accessories for High-End music systems.

At Ansuz, our ultimate goal is to be spearheading this narrow field of audio technology. We feel strongly committed to meeting the needs of our passionate and sophisticated clients, by making any audio system perform at its full potential.

We travel the world, conducting workshops designed to educate and inform our business partners as well as share our passion. We want to ensure that all our customers receive the very best products, professional advice, and outstanding service.



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