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If you want to experience Ansuz products live e.g. have a demonstration, we will be more than happy to help you.
Lars Kristensen
Lars KristensenSales and
Frits Dalmose
Frits DalmoseSales and Demos
Michael Børresen
Michael BørresenR&D, Sales and Demos
Lars Søndergaard
Lars SøndergaardSales and Support

Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics is a Danish company who develops, design, produces and sells cables, and accessories for High-End music systems.

At Ansuz we are committed to lead this narrow field to satisfy our passionate customers and clients, making any music system perform to its peak.

To meet our own high standards, we travel the world and do workshops to educate and share our passion with our partners and to assure that all customers gets not only the best products, but also get the best advice and service.


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