All components in an audio system vibrate and resonate. Analogue and digital transports generates heavy mechanical vibrations due to rotations in motors and platters. Amplifiers are subject to 50/60 Hz resonances coursed by the current driving the power supply. Power distributors and power conditioners also suffer from the mains frequencies. DAC’s, phono stages, streamers and other low current electronics also create internal vibrations and are even more sensitive to external tremors and pulsations. The loudspeakers are the source of the most profound vibrations.
Even the smallest vibration has a huge effect on the electronic components and circuitry boards thus it will generate new unwanted energy that will resonate backwards and forwards in the system.

The Ansuz Darkz are efficient devices to ground all components in a High End audio system. They are mechanically tuned to allow the vibrations a path out of the component and to keep varies components isolates individually. The sonically improvement is undeniably and addictive.

The Ansuz Darkz is available in tree versions and in four quality levels.




Mechanically tuned resonance control
3 discs separating 2 sets of 3 titanium balls

Darkz adjustable
Mechanically tuned resonance control
2 aluminium discs separating 1 set of 3 ceramic balls
Height adjustable + 6 mm
Darkz cable lifter
Mechanically tuned resonance control
2 aluminium discs separating 1 set of 3 ceramic balls
Fits all Ansuz Speakz and Mainz cables.


Anodized mechanically tuned solid pieces of low-resonance aluminium.
Hard anodized mechanically tuned solid pieces of low- resonance aluminium.
Mechanically tuned solid pieces of low-resonance aluminium cowered with a layers of Tantalum and Diamond for further damping of resonances.
Mechanically tuned solid pieces of composite metal containing bronze and Tantalum, covered with layers of Tantalum and Diamond for further dampening of resonances.


Darkz feet
Hard aluminium feet for loudspeakers and other equipment with threaded holes. Ideal for replacing spikes when upgrading to Darkz / Darkz Adjustable.



The loudspeakers is the by far the most powerful creator of vibrations. So powerful, that they can set the whole room rocking. So naturally, you do not want to spike both you speakers and the electronics down into the same floorboard. You want to assure that vibrations from one speaker have as little feedback into the other speaker, the electronics and the cables as possible. The way to do that is to place the speakers/speaker stands on Darkz. If you speakers/stands are fitted with spikes or feet that are attached in threaded holes, you can replace those with Ansuz Darkz Feet that are available with screws in the same dimensions.

For the best up-grade you place the mounted Ansuz Darkz Feet on top of Ansuz Darkz with ceramic balls between. If adjustments are needed, to level out the speakers on an uneven floor, use Ansuz Darkz Adjustable. A set of 3 Darkz and 1 Darkz Adjustable underneath each speaker can be the right solution, if the floor is not too uneven.


What most people fail to realize, is often that, what might be heard as room resonances, is actually vibrations picked up by cables.
When vibrations from the room is transferred into the cables, mainly the speaker cables, the vibrations create a new energy on the electrons in the cables. This energy is traveling in both directions in the cables. Some of it directly back into the speakers, and in the other direction, into the output of the amplifier where the feedback circuitry sees this added signal as a differential to the input signal and therefor tries to compensate against it, witch will be heard as resonances and distortion.

Obviously you want to stop vibrations in the cables so they will not act like microphones. That is what Ansuz Darkz Cable lifters can do, and this is where our cable lifters are very unlike most cable lifters, as Ansuz Cable Lifters are grounding vibrations and stopping the induction of the conductors. 


Where most cable lifters are just suspending the cable off the floor – making them much more susceptible for vibrations.

One Ansuz Cable Lifter for each half meter of cable running on the floor is recommendable. The cable do not need to be lifted completely off the floor, if the cable is touching the floor between Lifters it do not have any negative effect. The most important Lifters are those where the cable first reach the floor, coming from the amplifier and from the loudspeakers.


Unfortunately many equipment racks are standing on spikes. To us that do not make sense, as the spikes will act like a cartridge picking up vibrations from the floor. Instead you want to ground all the vibrations the rack is picking up from the room and from the equipment standing in it. With Ansuz Darkz Adjustable underneath the spikes of the rack you insure the best grounding and you are able to level the rack very precise, witch is important too.


As amplifiers are fitted with a powerful power supply they are under heavy influence of 50/60 Hz resonance origination from the mains system. At the same time amplifiers are sensible to the vibrations coming through the room from the loudspeakers. Obviously, grounding is important to drain out internal and external vibrations.

Most electronics are – to make them “user friendly”, fitted with rubber feet. We strongly advise against having any components standing on soft materials. A soft material does not just absorb vibrations. Rubber feet absorb vibrations and release the energy again back into the component coursing destructive resonances.

To create the best environment for your amplifier we recommend that you place it on three Ansuz Darkz. If it is possible, place one of the Darkz directly underneath the power supply / transformer and the other two so the amplifier is standing stable.
If the original feet underneath your amplifier are so high, that the Ansuz Darkz does not lift the feet free of the shelf, we can recommend stacking more Darkz with ceramic balls between them. This will always be a strong upgrade in any case.

Notice; never place components directly on top of each other! Separate shelves and Darkz for each component.


The CD-player/-transport are emitting so many vibrations due to the fast spinning disc that it is not only harmful for the player itself, but also for other components in the system. Draining vibrations through proper grounding is crucial for the CD-player/-transport.
To ground the CD mechanism most efficient place one of three darks directly underneath the centre of the mechanism. In a few cases this is not possible because the chassis of some players are not strong enough. Then you must place the Ansuz Darkz closer to the corners.

Read more about Ansuz Darkz underneath electronics in section 4.


In resent years we have become much more focused on the mains supply. Setting up the mains system is extremely important. In a way pretty obvious as it is from here the raw material flows to recreate the music. Also the power distributor needs full attention and for that reason – effective grounding. The influence of 50/60 Hz resonances is very strong here so the efficiency of the Ansuz Darkz is very audible.

If you are using an Ansuz Mainz8 distributor you will find that it is already fitted with Ansuz Darkz Feet that fits ideally on four Darkz with ceramic balls between.

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