Sound is movement of air caused by pulsation and vibration of a material. The quality of the sound is determined by the resonance of the given material. Different materials have different resonance characters, why a certain degree of resonance control is to prefer. In the strive for optimizing the quality of sound in a particular direction, resonance control is crucial. Therefor Ansuz has created the Rezonator. This bar provides mechanical grounding and creates a cleaner and more natural environment for your music experience. 

The new Ansuz Titanium Rezonator contributes as a flexible and removable element that can be placed where it best enhances your music experience. The product itself is designed with optimal resonance dimensions in length and thickness. Due to the positive properties of titanium in relation to music, we have chosen to use it for the two solutions we offer. Ansuz Rezonator consists of the correctly proportioned rod, plus two pieces Ansuz Darkz as its foundation. The three elements are all machined in solid titanium and are delivered in two quality levels.


Pure Titanium with glass-blasted finish.


Pure glass-blasted Titanium with a finish of an acoustically optimized coating of zirconium, tungsten, and aluminum titanium nitride.

Electrical- and mechanical grounding

One of the most important factors that is essential for a great result is to ensure that the whole system is properly grounded.

Ansuz cables include technologies that ensure the best possible grounding.

Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics is a Danish company that develops, designs, produces, and sells cables, and accessories for High-End music systems.

At Ansuz, our ultimate goal is to be spearheading this narrow field of audio technology. We feel strongly committed to meeting the needs of our passionate and sophisticated clients, by making any audio system perform at its full potential.

We travel the world, conducting workshops designed to educate and inform our business partners as well as share our passion. We want to ensure that all our customers receive the very best products, professional advice, and outstanding service.



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